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T600 Gas Conversion Build Photos

With the knowledge of Century Helicopter Products and their gas-powered helicopter experience, we are proud to present the Hobby World Corporation T600 Gasser conversion kit. This kit takes a standard T600 nitro and allows the pilot to convert the power plant to a gasoline engine. The conversion kit uses the reliable, tried-and-true Zenoah 23cc PUH motor. This is a very complete conversion kit with all the components coming from one manufacturer and doesn't require the need to purchase additional parts. Once converted, you will be provided with highly efficient and inexpensive flights using gasoline instead of much more expensive nitro fuel. This product is exclusively distributed by Century Helicopter Products. Please inquire with your local dealer for more information.

This is what comes in the conversion kit.

First we start out with the basic T600 mechanics.
(The nitro engine and related drive-train components have already been removed in this image.)

When performing your conversion, you will first remove the original clutch assembly.

Shown are the components needed from the original T600 mechanics along with the conversion components.

The completed converted special gasser clutch bell assembly is on the left.
The original clutch bell and clutch shoe are pictured on the right along with the original starting shaft and hex adapter.

The bearing block, elevator arm, and main shaft bearing support block are going to be needed from the original T600 mechanics.

This is the special gasser fuel tank and accompanying accessories.

These are the components needed for the next few steps.

The previous components pictured next to the conversion side frames.

The fuel tank, clutch bell assembly and various other hardware are then installed onto the side frames.

The original T600 electronics tray, canopy bumpers, and new conversion frame are pictured here.

The previously listed items are shown installed.

A Zenoah 23cc PUH engine can be utilized with this kit. The drive train has been engineered to handle the torque of these motors. Shown here are the new clutch shoe, cooling fan and accompanying shroud. The cooling fan is a very important part to create a successful gas powered helicopter. This is a dual function cooling fan featuring fins on top and bottom. This offers a push/pull configuration offering optimum cooling of the engine. The clutch is very large at 54mm in diameter. This provides the grip needed to transfer all the torque available in these gasoline motors.

The clamping style fan hub offers a unique way to fasten onto the crankshaft found on these motors. This heavy duty fan hub provides a very stout platform for the heavy duty clutch. This is the engine assembly complete with the clutchshoe mounted.

The engine assembly, engine/landing gear frame, and landing gear.

The landing gear is shown assembled onto the engine platform assembly.

Here is the engine mounted on the landing gear platform. The engine is captured in 3 locations on the platform, and 2 more later onto the frames, offering a 5-point support configuration. Also included are side frame reinforcement plates. Notice how the engine assembly can be separated from the side frame assembly. This offers very easy access to the engine for future maintenance if required.

The side frames and engine platform are shown assembled.

The needed parts from the original T600 mechanics is the electronics tray and hardware.
Also pictured is the new mount for the canopy.

Original electronics tray shown mounted onto the mechanics along with canopy mount.

The tail boom is going to be used for the next steps. Remove the tail boom assembly from the original mechanics.

The tail boom and various hardware are pictured here for use in the
next step of mounting the tail boom and supports to the main mechanics.

The tail boom is mounted onto the main mechanics.

We are going to utilize a new one-way assembly with larger one-way bearing to allow the transfer of torque from the engine to the rotors. A new 103T slant cut main gear is provided. The original tail drive gear is also going to be used.

The gear assembly and main shaft with head from the original T600 mechanics are ready for installation.

The conversion is almost complete.

The original canopy, mounting hardware, and new mount.

This is what is left over from the T600 mechanics that have been replaced with new gasser specific parts.

Here it is: the completed HWC T600 Gasser Conversion mounted with optional RotorTech 600mm rotor blades installed.
Also shown is the optionl Torpedo Slim Tuned Gasser Muffler.