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MSRP $520.00

[Century] Buy DJI Wookong WK-M Data Link 900MHz (DJIWKMDL900)

DJI Wookong WK-M Data Link 900MHz


[Century] DJI Wookong WK-M Data Link 900MHz (DJIWKMDL900)

DJI offers 2.4Ghz and 900MHz datalink to achieve long-range two-way communication. The datalink maximum distance is up to 15km. The ground end also link with USB power supply that is convenient for outdoor using. The wireless module uses FHSS technology which is verified by FCC and CE certification, DJI datalink has many advantages such as: high data rate, stable performance, strong anti-interference capability, and long communication distance. The 2.4GHz datalink’s power consumption is 550mw and 900MHz datalink 1.5W, which is big advantage for long-distance flight mission.

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