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MSRP $39.95



Part# CNE425

The Century Electron Brushless ESC's come easy to program with 4 flying modes. Just throttle up before plugging in your battery to enter programming mode, then throttle down upon selecting a mode indicated by the number of beeps (1 beep = mode 1, 2 beeps = mode 2, etc...) Disconnect the battery, wait a few seconds, plug in the battery and start flying. The ESC features governor mode and non-governor mode for helicopters and airplanes. Soft-start when throttle has been in down position for longer than 15 seconds.

  • Easy to Use: 4 Flying Modes
  • Supports Quick Throttle Response
  • Supports Linear Throttle Output
  • Supports Stable RPM Control
  • Supports Compatibility with Most Brushless Motors
  • Supports High Speed Brushless Motor
  • 2-Pole Brushless Motors up to 240,000rpm
  • 6-Pole Brushless Motor up to 80,000rpm
  • 12-Pole Brushless Motor up to 40,000rpm
  • Built-in Throttle Calibration Function
  • Built-in Soft Start Function for Helicopter
  • Built-in Governor Function for Helicopter
  • Built-in Auto Motor Timing Function
  • Built-in World Famous Brand MOSFET with High Quality, Reliability & Low Impedance
  • Two Stage Protection Soft Cut then Hard Cut
  • Low Battery Protection for LiPo/LiOn Battery
  • High Temperature Protection for ESC Body

  • PWM Frequency: 12Khz
  • BEC Continuous Output: 2.0A
  • BEC 15Sec Peak Output: 2.5A
  • BEC Servo Support:
      2Cell / 7.4V: 4 Micro Servos
      3Cell / 11.1V: 4 Micro Servos
      4Cell / 14.8V: 2 Micro Servos
  • Continuous / 15Sec Peak Current: 25A / 33A
  • Maximum Operation Voltage / LiPo Cell: 25V/6-Cell
  • Low Battery Protection:
      Soft Cut Voltage: 2.9V / LiPo Cell
      Hard Cut Voltage: 2.6V / LiPo Cell
  • High Temperature Protection:
      Soft Cut Temp. - 110°C / 230°F
      Hard Cut Temp. - 120°C / 248°F
  • Approximate Size: 38mm x 24mm x 9mm
  • Approximate Weight: 21.5g