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MSRP $259.95

[Century] Buy Twinstar / Ecureuil 2 30 size Painted Fuselage (Purple) (CN4031AP)

Twinstar / Ecureuil 2 30 size Painted Fuselage (Purple)

Part# CN4031AP

[Century] Twinstar / Ecureuil 2 30 size Painted Fuselage (Purple) (CN4031AP)

Introducing the 1/10th scale Twinstar / Ecureuil 2 30 size RC helicopter scale fuselage.


  • Top grade pre-painted lightweight fiberglass front nose, rear body & tailboom, bottom cover, and vertical fin. Wings are made of aircraft grade lightweight wood.
  • Professional air-brushing is done in super lightweight and bright colors.
  • Mirror quality finish with a clear fuel proof coat to add incredible brilliance and shine.
  • Professionally detailed.
  • Designed for most .30 size helicopter mechanics.
  • Pre-cut winshield with borders.
  • Pre-installed screw mounts.
  • Pre-drilled screw holes.
  • Completing the model is very simple, you simply install the mechanics by sliding the mechanics* including the tail boom** into the rear body of the fuselage. Attach by putting the bottom section*** of the fuselage in between the main body and landing gear of your mechanics. The bottom cover goes over the attachment to bring back the shape of the fuselage for added realism.
  • The assembly of the fuselage has been designed to gain quick access to the main mechanics and servos just by removing the front nose canopy.
  • Instruction sheet included.

Specifications (all figures are approximate):

  • Length: 41.5" (front nose to tail boom only)
  • Width: 7"
  • Height: 9.75"
  • Mechanic Height Clearance: 8.75" (bottom / mechanic mount section to the top of the fuselage)
  • Mechanics Mountable Section Dimension: 4.75" x 6.75"
  • Boom Height: 125mm (bottom / mechanic mount section to the middle of the tailboom hole)
  • Boom to Center of Rotor Head Hole: 27"
  • Weight: 1.1lbs
  • * Landing gear must be removed prior to insertion.
  • ** Anything attached to the tailboom that will not fit the tailboom section of the fuselage must removed prior to insertion. (e.g. fins, boom supports, tailgearbox, etc.)
  • *** Bottom section of the rear body part of the fuselage is flat making it compatible to most 30 size RC helicopters. Drilling holes on the fuselage corresponding to the landing gear screws of your mechanics is required.