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MSRP $324.95

[Century] Buy UAV Commercial Gas Muffler (CN3073)

UAV Commercial Gas Muffler

Part# CN3073

[Century] UAV Commercial Gas Muffler (CN3073)

Industrial-grade tuned muffler designed for the current crop of 26cc to 31cc modified gasoline engines. It is the quietest muffler in the world for remote controlled gasoline applications. With Turbo-Tuned technology, this offers a very unique internal partition which further enhances performance in the mid to high rpm torque range. It is manufactured utilizing the highest aircraft grade quality aluminum. The Century UAV commercial gas tuned muffler is suitable for most existing industrial UAV Gas powered camera helicopters.

Perfect for the Century Condor 830 or Condor T1000 UAV commercial helicopter

  • One piece solid design with an additional third mounting option.
  • CNC Machined header/center and extension subdivision.
  • Additional volume with our Turbo-Tuned internal design for even more power.
  • Straight through header bolt for easier service.
  • High quality polished aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Quieter than any similar category gasoline mufflers.
  • HWC/Zenoah 26cc - 30cc Engine Size or Zenoah G26,G29.
  • Automotive grade tuned sound with super deep bass
  • Screw locking system prevents bolts from loosening.
  • Removable exhaust tip.
  • Weight: 445g.