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MSRP $199.95

[Century] Buy FLYBARLESS METAL ROTOR HEAD - Gassers/.90 (CN2520)


Part# CN2520

[Century] FLYBARLESS METAL ROTOR HEAD - Gassers/.90 (CN2520)

Features all CNC machined parts with an integrated follower, replaceable control arms, and tune-able ratios. It is triple bearing supported with thrust bearings and comes with a heavy duty 8mm feathering spindle. The control arms have 3 different ball locations. The head block is shortened, bringing the blades closer to the main mechanics. Comes with R92 dampers. The head block will accept a wide variety of aftermarket dampers. The headblock is made for 10mm or 12mm main shafts. Blade grips will accept blades up to a 16mm root thickness.

Comes pre-assembled as an example. Requires reassembly by user with threadlock and lubricants.


  • Weight: 225g (weighed with main shaft sleeve and follower arms)
  • Accepts main shaft: 10mm-12mm (10mm with the use of sleeve)
  • Blade root: 16mm
  • Blade bolt: 5mm
  • Rotor hub bolt (Jesus bolt): 4mm

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