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[Century] Buy 517mm Carbon-Graphite Boom Supports (CN2128C)

517mm Carbon-Graphite Boom Supports

Part# CN2128C

[Century] 517mm Carbon-Graphite Boom Supports (CN2128C)

Carbon-Graphite tailboom support struts with machined aluminum ends. Incredible stiffness and rigidity. Easy to install. Rods can be cut for customized length.

Use on:

  • Raven 50 (optional upgrade)
  • Falcon 46/50 (optional upgrade)
  • All other 50 size RC Helicopters (optional upgrade. may require cutting the rod to fit)


  • Total Length: 517mm
  • Rod Length: 480mm
  • Rod Diameter: 8mm
  • Material: carbon fiber (weaved) graphite-reinforced plastic