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Wood Blade Safety Recommendations

AEROTECH blades are pre-built and balanced. The only work required is to glue the blade grip root ends to the blades ( Please note that this step is to avoid the blades separating from the helicopter during flight!!). Temporarily install the root ends onto the blades by cutting the covering over the holes and mark with a pencil, the outline of the plastic parts on the covering, remove the root ends and mark a second line about 3mm inside the first and trim away this internal portion of the covering with a knife. Using some sandpaper roughen the plastic root ends and glue them in place with Slo CA glue. Install the blades onto the rotor head to dry to make sure the thickness is perfect when finished.

Helicopter rotor blades can be subjected to high amounts of force through regular and aerobatic flying. We as manufacturer have to stress that regular inspection of the rotor blades be done. We recommend a maximum duration of 20 hours or 100 flights before replacing rotor blades. Wood blades by nature will lose moisture over time reducing the natural flexibility leading to internal cracking over time. We are aware rotor blades have been used much longer however as manufacturer we recommend 100 flights to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

Safety Inspection:

Inspect for nicks or splits in the covering material, crushed, dented or damaged sections. Upon finding damage, discard rotor blades. Any perforation of the covering material will lead to a change in the airfoil shape that can be identified as changes in tracking of the blades.

Rotor Grip Tension:

After installing the blades on to the helicopter, proper bolt tension is required for greatest performance without incident. Too loose can result in a tail boom strike, too tight can induce a violent oscillation throughout the helicopter. For proper adjustment, start with bolts loose, tightening in 1/4 turn increments until the helicopter can be tipped on it's side and blades remain in place without pivoting. Tighten an additional 1/8~1/4 turn. Repeat the same procedure for the tail rotor blades. Generally for aerobatic flying the addition tension is greater.


Rotor blades used for radio controlled models are potentially dangerous if proper building, care and inspection is not followed. Proper assembly and setup is required. It is the responsibility of the owner to use this product in a safe manner as it can inflict serious injury otherwise. It is recommended that if you are in doubt of your abilities to seek assistance from experience radio control modelers and associations. As manufacturer, we assume no liability for the use of this product.

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