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Replacement Parts: Hummingbird Elite 3D Pro

Canopy & Decal
Clear Canopy & Decal

3D Pro Hardware Pack

Tanic Lipo 3S1P 15-20c

Head Axle & Dampeners

Hummingbird 3D Pro Crash Kit
Gyro Plate


Main Gear only
Flybar Paddles(2)
Antirotation Bracket
Auto Rotation Hub & Gear

z Shaft Bearings(3x6mm - 2pcs-)
Bottom Plate Flanged Bearing (3x6mm -1pc-)
Motor Mount Spacer & Screws
3D Pro Main Blade Grips

CNC Rotor Hub & Collar
Tail Drive Shaft Gears
Seesaw Assembly


3D Pro Head Links
Rear Rudder Servo Mountings
Mast Tower
Frame Holders

Bottom Frame Plate
Top Motor Plate
Main Shaft Spacers & Collar
3D Pro Swashplate

Tail Drive Shaft Set

Tail Boom Pushrod & Guides
3D Fins & Boom Supports

Tail Rotor Shaft Assembly


Inner Tail Crown Gear
Battery Holders
Tail Pitch Lever & Slider

Tail Rotor Blades


Main Rotor Blades

Tail Blade Grip Set with Bearings
Tail Gear Box Set

Landing Gear Set
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