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Swift NX

30 (550) Size Large Electric RC Helicopter

Pilot Skill Level: Beginner with heli assembly skills to Experienced

Part# CN1045

Replacement Parts

Choose the tab of the assembly you need parts of. Move your mouse over the drawing to see the part number. Click on the drawing to view a larger image and to get more details (including MSRP).

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 Main Blade Grip   Bell Mixer   Seesaw   Flybar 
 SwashPlate & Washout   Elevator Servo, Front Tray, Motor Mount, and Side Frame 
 Tail Pitch Plate & Lever   Transmission Box   Boom Supports & Vertical Fin 
 Aileron Bell Crank & Side Frame   Landing Gear   Drive Gears & Head   Canopy   Main Blades 
 Motor & Elevator Arm    Frame Inserts    Tail Gear Box   Tail Blade Grip & Hub 
Part# Description MSRP
1 CNBB1019 10x19x5 BALL BEARING $4.99 [Century] Buy 10x19x5 BALL BEARING (CNBB1019)
2 CNE536HX HEX SPACERS $9.95 [Century] Buy HEX SPACERS (CNE536HX)
3 CNE555A GYRO PLATE - Swift NX $2.50 [Century] Buy GYRO PLATE - Swift NX (CNE555A)