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Hummingbird Elite CP / FP

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The Micro Electric Hummingbird is now available in FP and CP versions. Beginners getting started in helicopters can be flying their FP (fixed pitch) helicopter in just under 2 hours using our Century radio system, or any other 4 channel airplane radio. Modelers can fly indoors or on calm days at the park for 7 - 10 minutes. The Hummingbird CP (collective pitch) is for more experienced modelers who want to learn aerobatics and 3D style aggressive aerobatic maneuvers. The Hummingbird CP helicopter uses the Electric Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing to change rotor blade pitch for all types of flying styles.

The Hummingbird CP uses a minimum of 5 channels. To complete the CP kit you require a 6 channel radio system that supports 120 degree CCPM, speed control and mixer board, 3 servos, gyro, battery and a charger.

CN1010 Hummingbird Elite CP ARF Kit $99.95 [Century] Buy Hummingbird Elite CP ARF Kit (CN1010)
CN1011 Hummingbird Elite FP ARF Kit $84.95 [Century] Buy Hummingbird Elite FP ARF Kit (CN1011)
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