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MSRP $1900.00

[Century] Buy Dji Spread Wings S800 Hex-Rotor ARF RC Helicopter (DJIS800)

DJI S800

UAV Hex-Rotor R/C Helicopter

Pilot Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced

Part# DJIS800

Technical Spec:

DJI SKU/Part Number CP.SB.000102
Diagonal Wheelbase 800mm
Frame Arm Length 350mm
Frame Arm Weight (Including Motor, ESC, Propeller ) 304g
Center Frame Diameter 240mm
Center Frame Weight 365g
Bi-pod Size
  • 500mm(Length) x 415mm(Width) x 320mm(Height)
  • (Top width: 145mm)
Bi-pod Weight 428g
Total Weight 2.6Kg
Takeoff Weight 5.0Kg - 7.0Kg
Load Weight 0-2.5kg
Power Battery LiPo (6S, 10000mAh-15000mAh, 15C(Min))
Max Power Consumption 2100W
Hover Power Consumption 720W(@ Takeoff Weight 6Kg)
Hover Time Max: 16 min (@10000mAh and 6Kg Takeoff Weight)
Motor Stator Size 41 x 14mm
Motor KV 320rpm/V
Motor Max Power 360W
Motor Weight 147g
ESC Current 40A OPTO
ESC Voltage 6S LiPo
ESC Signal Frequency 30Hz - 450Hz
ESC Drive PWM Frequency 24KHz
ESC Weight 18g
Propeller Material Carbon Fiber
Propeller Size 15 x 04 in
Propeller Weight 15g