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From $900.00

[Century] Buy Radikal G30 V2 Gas Powered RC Helicopters (CN1342**)

Radikal G30 V2

700 Size Gas Powered R/C Helicopter

Pilot Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced

Part# CN1342**

[Century] Radikal G30 V2 Gas Powered RC Helicopters (CN1342**)


  • FBL (flybarless)
  • FB (flybar)

New on the V2:

  • Carbon landing struts with 4mm aluminum mounts

  • Choice of two different rotor heads, FBL (flybarless) or FB (flybar).

  • Side frame main shaft bearing mount with steel insert spacer.

  • Metal gyro plate on top of the tail transmission gear box.

  • New contemporary 3D design painted fiberglass canopy.

  • Hardened helical-cut metal gear in front transmission.

  • Metal tail gearbox with hardened helical-cut metal gear.

  • Metal tail control arms, 6mm tail output shaft, Metal tail blade grips.

  • Tail boom support vibe stopper mount.

  • Metal cooling fan shield plate.

  • Double tail drive shaft support bearing.



  • Length: 1397mm
  • Height: 432mm
  • Width: 260mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 1580mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 282.5mm
  • Main rotor blades: 690mm-720mm
  • Tail rotor blades: 95mm

Just Provide ( Items required to fly but not included ):

  • 1x 690mm-710mm Main Blades.
  • 1x 6-Channel or better Radio Transmitter system capable of 120 degree eCCPM mixing.
    (7 Channels or better recommended, for governor)
  • 1x 6-Channel or better Receiver and Receiver Battery.
    (7 Channels or better recommended, for governor)
  • 1x Zenoah Z-231, 26 or Modified Z-27 and Z-30 gasoline engine.
  • 1x Muffler.
  • 5x Sport line or better Servos.
  • 1x Gyro (Heading Lock/Hold recommended) for flybared head, or 3-Axis Flybarless Gyro System for the Flybarless Head.
  • 1x Governor (optional but recommended)
  • 1x Crystal Set. (if using non-2.4GHz radio sytem)
  • 1x 87 to 92 Octane Gasoline.
  • 1x 2-Stroke Motor Oil.
  • 1x Synthetic Oil/Grease.
  • 1x Pull Start System or Starting Equipment.
  • 1x RC Helicopter Tools.