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[Century] Buy Tow Cobra AH-1S 700 size Fuselages (CN2038**)

Tow Cobra AH-1S

700 Size R/C Helicopter Scale Fuselage

Part# CN2038**

Tow Cobra UH-1S 700 size RC Helicopter Scale Fuselages

* Unpainted version shown on video. Video shows test flight with body and front nose only.
Accessories included (e.g. side pod with prop guns, prop exhaust port, horizontal fin, etc.) were not attached.

Everyone, not just the scale modeler, loves this challenging 1:8 scale model of the Tow Cobra. The full-size machine first flew more than 15 years ago. Todays helicopter still looks extremely attractive in the air. This is a model of the AH-1 helicopter, developed by BELL in 1965, later to become the AH-1S in 1980. This "Up Gun" AH-1S with extended suppressing exhaust nozzle, is equipped with the 20mm M197 cannon mounted in their Universal nose turret. The stub-wing support TOW launchers and 2.75" FFAR pods are included. The AH-1S model makes a fine semi-scale model and competition machine.


  • Lightweight top grade quality epoxy fiberglass with carbon composite renforcement.
  • Removeable pilots cabin for easy maintainance.
  • Includes underwing attachments for eight prop missiles (four per wing).
  • Includes prop M197 three barrel 20mm gun, (can be made to rotate with modification).
  • Includes prop night targeting system (NTS).
  • Includes prop zuni rocket launchers.
  • Includes tail boom UHF antenna.
  • Includes canopy handle.
  • Scale like exhaust port.
  • Fiberglass molded and hollow horizontal fin.
  • Crystal clear windshield and pilot seats.
  • Special flexible tail drive system for the tail rotor included.
  • Tail rudder control rod included.
  • Tuff landing gear with mounting hardware included.
  • Pre-cut plywood for inside the bulkheads.
  • Aircraft-grade wood strips for mechanic and hardware installation.
  • Instruction manual included.

Available Paint Schemes:

  • Painted (Military - Camouflage)
  • Unpainted


  • Length: 58"
  • Height: 12"