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For Everyone:

Inspire 1 Phantom 2 v3 Vision+ Phantom 2 Vision Phantom 2
Phantom 1.1.1

For Professionals:

Ronin S900 S1000+ S1000 Premium
S800 S800 Evo Zenmuse Z15 A2
Lightbridge Ace Waypoint Ace Once Wookong-M
Wookong-H iOSD MKII    

For Hobbyists:

Flame Wheel F550 Flame Wheel F450 E300 Quad Propulsion E300 Hex Propulsion
E600 Quad Propulsion E600 Hex Propulsion Naza-M v2 Naza-M Lite
Naza-H 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink iOSD Mini DT7 & DR16 System
Zenmuse H3-3D