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Century's Factory Virtual Tour

Welcome to Century Helicopter Product's new factory. We have built this factory to ensure our customers continue to receive affordable prices and high quality helicopters and related items for years to come.

New Factory Overview:
Location: Dongguan, Guandong, China (about 2 hours drive from Hong Kong Airport)
Lot Sq Ft: 34,000 (factory and dormitory) + parking lot
First Floor:
(Heavy Machinery) 
All advanced CNC machines, 4 axle CNC mills, hi-speed CNC lathe, digital auto press machine for muffler producing, complete plastic injection machinery. Machine shop currently operates 24/7 in 3 shifts.
Second Floor:
(General Office)
Office of the General Manager (Peter Chao), Deputy Manager's Office, and meeting room are on this floor. Purchasing staff, secretaries, accounting team, QC staff, R & D team, and engineers all share work on this floor too. The new muffler production facility is also on this floor.
Third Floor:
(Assembly Facility)
Two 20-meter rolling assembly tables are currenntly being used. There are also many small tables for special project assemblies. Parts storage and some light machinery are on this floor too. Assembly workers operate in double shifts from 8 am to 10 pm to achieve targeted output of 60% to 80% production increase by the end of 2007.

Some Interesting Facts about Century:
* Unlike our competitors who are OEM-based brand name companies, we produce our products in our
   own facility
. We can therefore control production which translates to producing much better and higher
   quality products at a reasonable price. We also control the production schedule which means we could
   shorten time needed in manufacturing and shipping products.
* Century Helicopter Products is looking forward in 2007, that we can turn out to be #1 R/C helicopter
   production company.

* Plastic injection molding machine making swashplate bushings.
* CNC mill making the new Gasser braces.
* CNC lathe making main shafts.

Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger picture. Let's begin.

On the left resides the offices and manufacturing. To the right are the dormitories provided for the employees.

Here we have the break room, various cubicles, meeting room, and various managers' offices. These are on the second level.

Much like any R&D room, this area is messy.

Here is the start of the manufacturing floor. This is one of the plastic injection molding machines.

Lots of tooling for plastic injection molds. These tools are heavy so a crane must be used to move and manuever the tools into place during tool changes.

Various CNC mills and lathes.

Swift frames are one of the items that come out of the injection molding machines.

What are your plastic parts made of? DuPont Zytel plastic pellets on the left, final product Swift blade grip on the right (middle image). Other plastic parts (rightmost image).

CNC Lathe, making feathering shafts. Main shafts from the CNC lathe (rightmost image)

Aluminum blocks waiting to be cut into Predator headblocks. Machined plates waiting to be machined into arms (middle image). Right is the piece before the final machining process, the left is the part that's left over (rightmost image).

New metal blade grip arms. Anyone need a seesaw shaft (rightmost image)?

Machined parts midway through processes. Jigs for making multiple parts in one run (right image)

Pre-finished swashplates

Cutting bits, drill bits, tapping bits, etc... for the machines.

Making some test mufflers.

Gasser mufflers being polished and ready for shipment.

Various assembly line photos. This is on the third level.

Machine operators:

An OEM product being made:

Final product ready for assembly and shipping:

Security guard:

Kits ready for shipment:


“We work extra hard to keep the quality of service and the quality of products for our customers at the highest level it can be.” - Peter Chao, President