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Century Helicopter Products was established in 1987 to provide the radio control market with high quality R/C helicopters, high quality accessories, and performance upgrades. We are an all American company based in San Jose, California. We design, develop, and manufacture R/C helicopter products in the USA and overseas. We have grown to become a world class manufacturer, leading the market in R/C helicopters.

As the product for the entry level market was constantly being raised in price, Century Helicopter Products responded to the growing need for a good, low priced unit. We designed, manufactured and launched the now world-renowned HAWK series. The current model, Hawk Pro, features the most advanced compliment of upgrades and construction quality in the industry. The Hawk Pro is the ultimate choice for an entry level nitro machine.

For our bigger size nitro machine, we have our Radikal N640. It has filled the gap between the 600 and 700 size machines. By offering better fuel economy the Radikal N640 provides the power to keep up with the big boys. Without having to take that giant leap to a 700 class helicopter, the pilot can now enjoy the presence of a larger helicopter at a more affordable entry fee.

For the electric market, carrying on the tradition of providing enthusiasts with a durable and an inexpensive way to have fun, we have our Swift line of large electrics and our Radikal E640. The Swifts and Radikal E640 are the perfect choice for all pilots looking for performance in an electric machine.

Among all others, Century is well known for petroleum gas powered R/C Helicopters. Our current line, the Radikal series, offers one of the lightest airframes on the market. Designed from the ground up, the simplicity of the design has been executed elegantly offering you the performance you’ve been seeking from a gas powered R/C helicopter. The economic flight times and aerobatic flight performance of the Radikals make them the perfect choice and great additions as top of the line machines to your current fleet.

In 2006, Century Helicopter Products has established an agreement with a brand new factory in China to manufacture our products. We have a major control on this factory which will help ensure a constant and reliable flow of our products. They provide almost all of the Century Helicopter Products' current line of R/C helicopters, parts, upgrades, and accessories but also OEM’s to other major brands. These include Hobbico, Great Planes, Scott Gray R/C, D'Agostini Italy …etc.

Century Helicopter Products members and staff is working together to provide the highest quality of support. Whether its tech support or customer service, our employee or field representative can assist you in finding the correct answers. Our Team consists of experts in the RC helicopter industry with friendly and fast response.

Warehouse and Manufacturing

We design, develop, and have a major control in manufacturing all of our RC helicopter products here in the US and overseas. We have an experienced team for research and development and a partner factory to manufacture only quality and reliable products. We keep an inventory of about 15,000 units of the latest parts, accessories and products to meet our customers’ demands.


We built this factory to ensure our customers continue to receive affordable prices and high quality helicopters and related items for years to come.
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Quality Products with Quality Service
Century Helicopter Products has focused all of its efforts over the years to improving the RC helicopter industry through continued support at all levels and producing quality products. From the consumer to the dealer, in the domestic market and to the distributor internationally. We try to efficiently process and fill all orders and backorders, while providing good, experienced technical support so that we can continue to maintain the satisfaction of all our customers.